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SIMSEA’s ambition is to increase seafarers operational skills, their ability to cooperate and to be innovative – on-board.

We deliver operational training, assessment and the full range of certified maritime courses. We deliver full scale dry
run of incidents, operations and work processes and technical solutions. Our focus is safe and effective operations requiring awareness, close interaction and responsiveness. All tailor made to your requirements and

You may hire our facilities, bring your own instructors, we take care of all technical, operational and hospitality support. You can use your own mathematical ship models, ports etc. We offer integrated bridges, engine rooms, DP, crane, ROV, etc.

We are located in Haugesund on the western coast of Norway but we operate world wide and independently. We fully relieves customers by running best-in-class facilities, world class simulator technology, in depth operational experience and relational skills.

We have an almost unlimited access to operational knowledge via our instructors, our owners and the distinctly maritime region we come from.

Our maritime instructors have recent experience from maritime operations, and some of them are still sailing. Human behavior assessment and training is performed by our own psychologist with years of experience in maritime challenges.

Our services are prepared by own task teams that consist of customers, experienced mariners and other relevant expertise.

The quality of our services is assured by our ISO 9001 quality management system and our accreditors like The Norwegian Maritime Administration, DNV-GL, Nautical Institute and The Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Our customers and participants in the training sessions have their own in-depth competence. Together we create a effective learning environment. Everybody learns from everybody.

The SIMSEA’s simulators are delivered and updated by Kongsberg Digital ad Fugro Intersite:

5 Bridges, K-Sim Offshore with DP, Class A
2 DP trainers; NI class a and B (K-Pos, SDP)
1 Ship/rig/offshore crane
2 Engine control rooms
1 High Voltage facility including simulator
1 Subsea simulator, ROV control room, two WROV’s and shift supervisor station

We have also access to 7 K-Sim navigation bridges belonging to Western Norway University.

In addition to simulator training we can offer digital on board training and e-learning according to customer needs.



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Simsea Real Operations AS
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