Nautical Institute Shuttle tanker training scheme Course B

Learning objective

After the course the participants should be able to handle shuttle tankers safely and efficient when loading at Tandem-FSO/FPSO, OLS & SBM offshore loading systems. Emergency shut downs and berthing/unberthing, by exploiting engines, rudders and thrusters, under normal and severe conditions and with systems intact and with system errors.


  • Rules and regulations
  • General and field specific procedures (joint procedures for NCS)
  • Offshore loading systems
  • Maneuvering including  the forces acting on hulls, rudders and propellers,
  • Ship handling including the effects of
    •  dead weight, draught, trim and speed
    •  wind and current
    •  under-keel clearance on turning circles and stopping distances
    •  shallow water and canal effects
  •  The application of turn techniques, tunnel thrusters, propulsion and maneuvering systems
  • Ship and tug interaction including emergency towing
  • The DP systems’ possibilities and limitations
  • Position reference systems; DARPS, APOS, Artemis, Radius and HiPap
  • Unwanted incidents including reports from IMCA, Petil, HSE and ship owners
  • Simulator cases including
    • Ship handling and manoeuvring including coastal/narrow water navigation
    • Berthing and unberthing with and without tugs
    • Manoeuvring according to common and field specific procedures
    • Ship handling in different weather conditions
    • Escape manoeuvring
    • Engine trouble
    • Propellers failure
    • DP errors
    • PME errors
    • ESD 1 and 2


5 days, 30 instructions hours.


Maximum 3 participants


Nautical education at management level, nautical certificate and passed the DP Induction as well as the DP Simulator courses, 24 days sea time + 2 offshore loading operations.


Written and practical

Educational equipment

Kongsberg simulator (three class A bridges), classroom with smartboard for presentations and playback of exercise in classroom during debrief.



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