Incident based training at Simsea

Published 28. Oct 2016. Posted in Uncategorized

Simsea emphasizes incident based training and aims to reduce the potential for major maritime incidents onshore and offshore. We can offer effective learning strategies by using full scale simulators, for rig, shuttle tanker, subsea/ROV, anchor handling and other offshore operations in general. The potential risk for incidents is known to very great and, statistically, incidents can happen at any time. See video below for more information. (in Norwegian only).

At Simsea we train, among others, teams of maritime personnel from flotaels in how to manage incidents related to DP, POSMOOR and stability while connected to a platform. We also train maritime personnel on shuttle tankers in handling DP incidents and maneuvering challenges for these large tankers. At our facilities in Haugesund, which is one of the largest in Norway, we can train bridge crews on one or more ships/rigs simultaneously, bridge and engine room crews together, dry runs of complex subsea operations and more. Please contact us for more information.

– We have been given feedback that our training contributes to increasing the level of safety on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and reducing the risk of major incidents offshore.  A. Rune Johansen, CEO Simsea AS.



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