Complex operations in simulator

To carry out dry runs in simulator reduces costs because it increases efficiency and therefore offshore time. By training in simulator the personnel will be more confident, secure and efficient. Personnel involved with the project will also get a review of design and procedures that can identify necessary changes in a different manner than through theoretical review. The risk of incidents is also reduced because personnel have competence and team training before carrying out the operation.

Our integrated subsea simulator is composed of bridges, crane, ROV and Shift Supervisor station. These simulators can run individually or together. The bridges are supplied by Kongsberg Maritime and are DNV Class A. The crane simulator is a Mac Gregor. In the ROV simulator the chairs and models are delivered by Kystdesign and the software by Fugro. The Shift Supervisor station operates NaviPac that generates Helman’s displays to all units. In adition to the simulators, we have a dedicated room where engineers can follow the operation live.

With today’s set up, the simulators can be used for several typical project activities such as:

• Familiarization of all personnel involved with regard to roles and responsibilities during the offshore operation.
• Assessment of risk and perform a Safe Job Analysis – SJA.
• Evaluate procedures and «Task-plans».
• Familiarization of all operational personnel.
• Evaluate execution of subsea operations with the engineers involved.
• Evaluate the need for ‘Design Review’ of subsea structures and identify approach difficulties for ROVs etc.
• Carry out courses for ROV pilots – from maker.

In connection with operations- testing and training we can also provide modelling and configuration of elements and the implementation of these in the simulator.

The examples given are not a complete list of the possibilities in these simulators. Please contact us for more information and a presentation of the possibilities.



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