Pre-course for certificate test Deck officer and Engineer

The pre-course is a voluntary refresher course for Deckofficers and Engineers that are taking the Certificate test. As this course is aimed at Norwegian sailors with Norwegian certificates, the course is only held in Norwegian. There is one course for Deck officers and one for Chief/Engineers. Information about the Certificate test.

The course covers the same topics that are in the Certificate test providing preparation and refreshment of knowledge as well as an opportunity to exchange knowledge with other participants.

Duration of the course is 3 days, 24 hours.

The course covers topics such as:

Deck Officers Cheifs/Engineers
Planning and executing safe voyage Operation propulsion plant systems
Safe watch Safe engineering watch
Emergency handling  Preparation, operation, condition monitoring, troubleshooting various systems
Manouvering Safe work practises and documentation
Loading/unloading and inspection of cargo Managing, planning and handling fuel, ballast etc.
Seaworthiness Seaworthiness
Laws and regulations Laws and regulations

The course is in accordance with the NMA’s ‘Emneplan for sertifikatprøv for dekks- og maskinoffiserer’.



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