High Voltage Course for Engineers and Electricians

High voltage course for Engineers

This course is for Chiefs and Engineers Ship Electricians that are looking to upgrade their certificates to STCW 2010 (Manila Amendments). As the course is based on the NMA’s course plan and aimed at personell updating their Norwegian certificates, the course is only held in Norwegian.
The objective of the course is to give the participants increased knowledge in the operation of electrical and electronic installations and control systems as well as the maintenance and repair of electronic and electrical equipment.
Duration of the course is 3 days at center (25 hours with 8 hours lab/simulator) for engineers and 3,5 additional days at center for ship electricians. Maximum number of participants is 12.
Before attending the courses, the participants must complete e-learning models that lasts for approxemately 7 – 10 hours.
The course covers topics such as:p
• Rules and regulations
– First Aid
• Basic system understanding
• Modes of operation
• Construction, outfit and equipment
• Tight tension cables
• Maintenance of installations and plants
• Connections, tools and cable clips
• Danger related to equipment on-board
• Use of voltage indicators and grounding devices
• Operation planning and preparation of procedures
• Demonstration of management and operational skills
• Auxiliary equipment and calibration
• Maintenance and gauging procedures and check lists
In order to receive Document of Evidence the participant must pass written and practical examination. In addition evidence of passed FSE course, and completed High voltage ship theory, must be handed over to Simsea before Document of Evidence can be issued.
The course is according to Norwegian Maritime Authority’s course plan as of 1 August 2014.



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