BRM is a course for captains and other officers on the bridge with nautical certificates.

The objective of the course is to give the participants an increased understanding of human factors that affect behaviour, interaction and communication to improve team-working skills as well as develop skills for avoiding misunderstandings and the prevention of incidents and close-calls. The course will also give the participants knowledge of basic psychological and social conditions that affect perception of, decision-making and behaviour in critical situations and how these conditions affect the team’s processes, abilities and performance in an operational context.

Duration is 2 days (11 hours) in addition to an e-learning module (9 hours). Each course can have up to 12 participants.

The course covers topics such as:

–          Allocation and prioritizing of resources, planning and co-ordination.

–          Limitations of time and resources, including the need for rest

–          Crisis management, methods of stress-handling

–          Efficient communication aboard, with other vessels/installations and onshore

–          Briefing; involvement and information

–          Sharing of information and observations

–          Understanding of culture

–          Two-way communication, active listening and feedback

–          Learning by summary/debriefing and transfer of experience

–          Assertiveness and leadership

–          Motivation

–          Task management and the use of operational procedure

–          Distribution of roles

–          Values, attitudes and norms

–          Management techniques and conflict handling.

–          Decision-making in various situations

–          Gathering and maintaining a common understanding and awareness of the situation

–          Assessment of safety and risk

–          Evaluation of  the team’s experience

–          The needs for training

–          Decisions that reflect the team’s experience

In order to receive Document of Evidence the participants must pass assessment in simulator and a written exam.

The course is in accordance with NMA’s guidelines as per 29th January 2015.



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