DPO Certification Exam, Rig

This examination is for participants aiming to obtain DNV-GL’s DPO Certificate for Rig. The participants must have completed the following:

  • Nautical education at management level
  • DP Induction and DP Simulator (including required seatime)
  • Required seatime (28 days in operation) and DPO Specialization course
  • Competence pre-test with minimum 70% score

Experienced DPO’s from other trades can start the scheme at DPO Specialization course.

The examination is a thorough test to cover the most important competences for DPO’s onboard a DP rig. The test measures how well operation of equipment, duties and tasks are performed, all in compliance with relevant international, national and local regulations and requirements. The examination tests that the participants have in depth understanding of safe and efficient handling of MODU\s and Floatels, Practice in emergency situations, understanding of the units capabilities and limitations. The candidate should be able to handle the units in normal and severe conditions and with systems intact and system errors.

The theoretical examination allows the candidate to demonstrate a deeper understanding of DP, essential for making decisions, recognizing conditions or overseeing consequences of actions related to DP. A score of 70% or higher is required to pass.

The practical assessment focuses on:

  • Handling DP incidents
  • Failures
  • Changes in parameters
  • Emergencies
  • Manual control

Assessor decides pass or fail of the practical assessment.

Duration of the examination is 1 day, and the maximum number of participants is 3.

Certificate is valid for 5 years.

The assessment is in compliance with DNV-GL ST 0023:2014-04, ST 0032:2014-04 and ST 0033:2014-04



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