DNV DPO Specialization Rig

DNV-GL DPO Specialization Rig

This course is for officers completing the training for the DNV-GL DPO certificate with rig specialization. The prerequisite for participantion is completed DP Induction and DP Simulator courses and seatime according to DNV-GL scheme.

After the course the participants should have in depth understanding of safe and efficient handling of MODU\s and Floatels, Practice in emergency situations, understanding of the units capabilities and limitations. The participants should be able to handle the units in normal and severe conditions and with systems intact and system errors.

The duration of the course is 4 days and the maximun number of participants is 3.

The course covers theoretical topics such as:

  • Rules and regulations
  • General Procedures
  • Manoeuvring  of the unit including the forces acting on hulls and azimuths.
  • Rig handling including the effects of
    • draught, trim and speed
    • wind and current
  • The application of propulsion and maneuvering systems
  • The DP systems’ possibilities and limitations
  • Position reference systems; DGPS,Taut wire, Radius and HiPap
  • Unwanted incidents including reports from IMCA, Ptil, HSE and Rig owners.

Simulator cases including

  • Rig handling and manoeuvring
  • Rig handling in different weather conditions
  • Escape manoeuvring for floatels and MODU`s
  • Engine trouble
  • Azimuth failures
  • DP errors
  • PME errors
  • ESD 1 and 2
  • Posmoor/ATA

Participants will be evaluated throughout the course.

This course must be followed by DPO Examination and certification in order to obtain DNV-GL DPO certificate.

The course is in compliance with DNVGL-ST-0008 and DNVGL-ST-0023 for notation AJ/POS.



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